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 Cixi is 148 kilometers south of Shanghai, 138 kilometers east of Hangzhou and 60 kilometers west of Ningbo, neighboring the world-class Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Cixi is a place with long history. Administered by Yue Empire during the Warring Period, Cixi later belonged to Gouzhang in the Qin Dynasty before finally becoming a county in Tang Dynasty. In 1988, Cixi developed from a county to a city. 

With more than 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up, Cixi's comprehensive economic strength leaps to the first place in Zhejiang Province and ranks sixth in the top 100 counties and cities in China. Cixi has been awarded as the National Health City, the National Garden City and one of the 10 happiest cities in China. Cixi's level of opening to the outside world has been continuously raising, and foreign trade has achieved leapfrog development. The accumulative foreign trade exports exceeded $100 billion, making an important contribution to Cixi's economic and social development.


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